Benefits of online loans

Fast approval

It can take just a few minutes to get your loan approved

Clear terms

Transparent and easy to understand loan terms

Simple process

The whole process is done online, so there is no need to go anywhere to receive the money.

Easy repayment

Repay the loan using the Internet banking service or through your bank branch

Requirements for borrowers

Age : 20 – 75 years old

Have Stable Income

Filipino Residents

You must have an active bank account

Important Disclosures

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Period for Repayment

Loan term (minimum and maximum period for repayment) from 62 days to 1 year. The examples are for informational purposes only. The home page is not a lender and does not issue loans, and is not responsible for the terms of loan agreements. All lenders compared are licensed

Example calculating the cost of loan

Each one has different requirements for the loan amount and loan duration. Lender’s online loan calculator is an exceptional tool that shows the exact repayment amount for each combination of loan amount and loan term. Let’s look at a sample calculation. The maximum annual loan rate is 143%. Take the amount of PHP 20,000 and a period of 6 months. In this case, your monthly payment will be only PHP 5,000, and the total cost of interest will be 2,383 pesos monthly. The availability of a loan calculator in the Philippines helps the Filipino have a clear idea about the optimal loan amount, term, and repayment before subscribing to any loans.

Penalty payments or renewal policy information?

If the loan amount is not repaid within the specified period, the lender may demand a penalty payment from the total amount of the overdue payment for each day of delay. If the payment is not made for a long period, without agreement, the lender has the right to unilaterally transfer the collection of the loan to third companies.

Important! By paying the loan on time, a good story is created, which in the future increases the chances of getting a loan on favorable terms.

How to apply for a loan?

Compare loans

Compare the available loan offers, choose the one that suits you best and click “Receive loan”

Apply for a loan

On the lender’s website, fill out the loan application, indicating all the necessary information. Submit an application and wait for the lender’s response!

Receive money

If the loan is approved, sign the contract and receive the money in your bank account

How to repay the loan?

Internet bank

You can make a monthly payment to the lender’s bank account using Internet banking.

Client account

Sign in to your client account, which can be found on the lender’s website, and you can make the payment there

Bank branch

You can make the payment by visiting one of your bank branches.

Tips for Getting Your Loan In Philippines

Choose the company you want to borrow from carefully

For a borrower looking for instant loans online, it is especially important to research all the information about the company. Find out how long the firm has been lending and whether it has branches in other countries. If the company is owned by an international holding company, this shows its reliability. Be sure to read the company’s reviews on social media before you make your final choice.

Be watchful

Before signing any loan agreement, read and comprehend the loan documents and conditions thoroughly in order to avoid prospective complications. Especially carefully study how much money you have to pay back, in what time frame, and what penalties are imposed for overdue loans.

Identify a loan plan that fits in your pocket

Apply only for the amount you can pay back. Calculate your budget carefully to pay back your loan on time.

Pay on time

Borrowers should be sensible enough not to overdue the payments. It is important to ensure the ability to repay the loan amount within the stipulated time. Any overdue debt can affect your credit rating and access to credit services in the future.

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